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homeopathy treatment for sinus in sushant lok gurgaon


Widely known as para-nasal sinuses, sinuses are the connected system that has hollow cavities in the skull. The cavities size varies from one to other and it can even go up to inches across. Other cavities are much smaller. The cheekbones hold maxillary sinuses which are the largest one and at the low-center of the forehead frontal sinuses are located. There are 4 pairs of Para-nasal sinuses in human beings such as 

  • Frontal sinuses 
  • Maxillary sinuses 
  • Ethmoid sinuses 
  • Sphenoid sinuses

When any of these sinuses are inflamed due to an infection or an allergic reaction it leads to Sinusitis. Maxillary sinuses are the most commonly affected sinuses.

Types of Sinuses 

Duration of inflammation of sinuses causes different types of sinuses such as 

1) Acute Sinusitis

2) Sub-Acute Sinusitis

3) Chronic Sinusitis and

4) Recurrent Sinusitis

If acute and sub-acute sinuses are not treated well then they may progress to chronic sinusitis as well. And if sinuses are due to allergy then they may come back when allergic the person comes in with the allergic exposure. 

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Symptoms of Sinus vary depending upon the severity and location of the sinuses. Though the similar kind of symptoms is not seen in the same individual, the symptoms enable the doctor to diagnose that from which sinus patient is suffering from. Symptoms play an important role in identifying the type of sinus. Some of the common symptoms are as follows: 

  • Running Nose and Nasal discharge can be thick or thin and can be yellowish or greenish.
  • Obstructed / stuffed sensation in nose, blocked nose
  • Post nasal Drip (discharge from back of nose into the throat )
  • Headache or sensation of pressure in Head
  • Decreased sense of smell
  • Halitosis (Bad breath )
  • Cough with expectoration ( Mucous )
  • Occasionally Tooth pain and Ear Pain
  • Sore throat or pain in region of affected sinus can be present (Cheek pain if maxillary sinus is involved, pain above eye brows if Frontal sinuses are involved )
  • General symptoms like Fever, Tiredness, Fatigue

Homeopathy Treatment for Sinus

There are a number of homeopathy treatments available with a doctor in Gurgaon to treat the sinus but all treatments vary with the condition of sinus and its stage. Homeopathic treatment offers good results in people with acute and sub-acute sinusitis, it also prevents progression of the disease into chronic Sinusitis. Homeopathy not only cures the sinusitis but also removes its chronicity. The severity of the attack, frequency of sinus will also get reduced by the treatment of homeopathy. Homeopathic treatment helps to boost the immune system and make individual less prone to allergies. 

Sinus treatments by homeopathy in Gurgaon will be one of the good decisions of the patient as the treatment will truly help the patient to get rid of it from its root cause and enhance the immunity to fight back with allergens. Though, the treatment is bounded with some precautions which are required to be taken while the treatment is going on. But those precautions will certainly provide the best result to the patient living near by DLF Phase 2,4,5, Sushant Lok, Golf Course Road, Huda City Metro Station Gurgaon. 


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