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Homoeopathy for Chronic Diseases

1. Sinusitis

Sinusitis is also known as sinus or rhinosinusitis. Sinus is a hollow and air-filled cavity that surrounds the nose. There are four types of sinuses are commonly diagnosed such as follows: 

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  • l Frontal sinus - it occurs in the forehead
  • l Maxillary sinus - it occurs behind cheeks
  • l Ethmoid sinus occurs between the eyes
  • l Sphenoid sinus occurs deep behind the eyes 

The common symptom that one can observe for sinus is thick nasal mucus, a plugged nose, and pain in the face. Sinus can be acute, sub-acute and chronic as well. The acute sinus includes less than four weeks and sub-acute takes 4-8 weeks and chronic takes 8 weeks or more.

Homeopathic Treatment for sinusitis in Gurgaon

Homeopathic treatment is quite effective for acute and chronic sinus. The treatment of sinus kills the germs and treats its root cause. The treatment prevents the recurrences and enables the patients to fight back against the disease.


A butterfly-shaped small gland placed in the neck is wrapped around the windpipe and it is located below the Adam's apple area. The thyroid produces diverse hormones including triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4). These hormones help oxygen to get into the cells and make the thyroid, master gland of metabolism.

Higher risks of developing thyroid disease are 

  • You have a family member with a thyroid problem
  • You have another pituitary or endocrine disease
  • You or a family member has another autoimmune disease
  • You've been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • You've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
  • You're near menopause or menopausal
  • You're a smoker
  • You've been exposed to radiation
  • You've been treated with lithium
  • You've been exposed to certain chemicals 

Homeopathic Treatment for Thyroid Disease in Gurgaon

 In Homeopathy treatment the doctors make sure to diagnose the disease and accordingly give the treatment. The doctors not only treat the problem by supplementing the deficiency or surplus but also treat it effectively. 


Asthma is one of the very common conditions that affect approx. 5% of the population in today’s time. In this disease, the patient feels unable to breathe. The bronchial tubes are narrow and it makes the person feel more difficult to breathe properly. 

 Symptoms of Asthma 

  • Chest Tightness
  • Coughing
  • Wheezy Breathing
  • Shortness Of Breath

 There are a number of allergies through which it becomes difficult for the patient to breath properly. To treat this disease from its root cause, it is important to get it diagnosed from the homeopathy doctor as they diagnose and find the allergy as well as family history of hay fever and/or eczema, as these conditions tend to exist together. On the basis of the result, the doctor starts the treatment and make sure that he/she resolves it from its root cause. 

Homeopathic Treatment

 It can be treated at various levels, depending upon the diagnoses and its result the doctor makes sure to start the best treatment along with the mandatory precautions that are required to be taken while the treatment is going on. 

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