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Menopause Treatment by Homeopathic Medicines

Menopause Treatment by Homeopathic Medicines

Women face hair loss problem generally after childbirth and menopause and as hairs are the beauty of every woman, so it becomes important to treat this problem just after childbirth so that after menopause, women do not feel major hair fall problem due to menopause. When the homeopathic medication is running from a long time, then a patient will definitely get relief during their menopause. Therefore it is best to get the treatment of hair loss just after the childbirth so, that women do not face major hair fall during menopause.

There are two medicines such as Natrum muriaticum and Pulsatilla pratensis, both are very excellent and they are being employed to treat the hair fall problem after childbirth. Natrum muriaticum is one of the medicines that can be given to women who are suffering from Anemia ad major hair fall problem along with a headache after childbirth. If women face a lot of trouble due to a severe headache due to the heat of the sun. The patient may have the craving for salty things.

Pulsatilla pratensis is one of the best medicines, that can be given to women who are suffering from excessive hair fall problem just after giving birth to a child. While taking this medicine, a complete absence of thirst for water has been seen and the desire of fresh open air also increases. In this case, women are unable to digest the fatty foods and they have the tendency to the slightest cause, and relief.

In order to tackle the hair loss problem during the menopausal age group, homeopathic medicine Sepia officinalis can be used as it offers great results. In this case, if a woman has the complaint of hair fall history and long-standing headaches, then this medicine is given to patients. In case the women complaint about hot flushes by chills, perspiration and bearing down pains in the uterus at menopause and hair loss then this medicine is given to the patient. The usage of this medicine can be recognized on the basis of diverse behavior such as indifferent behavior towards family members, irritation at the highest level etc.

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